Welcome to Elaqat

Elaqat is one stop shop company that provides corporate, legal, employment, and workspace service to ensure a smooth, efficient, and affordable setup within the Saudi Market.


Ancillary Registrations

Open bank account 
Registration with Human Resources and Social Development 
Registration with General Organization of Social insurance 
Registration with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority 
Registration with the municipality 
Registration with the Saudi post 
Visa/residency permit issuance

Business plans

Through our consulting services, we will help you accelerate your sales and growth process in Saudi, with our consulting team :

Product fit validation

Study the addressable market

Go to market approach

Establish partnerships with the proper entities

Associate you with the right sales channel partners

Train and orient your sales team

Cultural orientation to better understand the KSA market and culture

Advise on the proper marketing channels.

Legal Consultancy

Labor Law legal advisory

Drafting employment contracts (Saudis and Non-Saudis)

Company structure legal advisory

Company’s Law legal advisory

Tax law advisory

Co-working Spaces

Hot Desk

Dedicated Desk

Personal Assistants



Intensive Search



Job Boards Ads

Referral Verifications

Clint/ Candidate final agreement

Recruitment system solution

Accounting Services

Accountants Consulting

Preparation of accountants’ cloud

Accountants training

Accountants supervision